Cornwall July 4th HISTORIC Pageant:  "Courage in Cornwall: Highlights from our heritage"


News & Updates:


Sunday, June 23 at Munger cottage 3:30pm

Sunday, June 30 at munger cottage 3:30pm

wednesday, July 3 (Dress rehearsal) on pageant stage by ring’s pond 6:00pm

Thursday, July 4 (Performance)

Any questions or comments please call (845) 534-2754

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Thank you to all who made the 2018 Pageant a success! We are looking for photos and videos from last year's pageant. Please send any photos to


We need help on and off stage - actors, dancers, musicians, publicists, and backstage assistants. We are also looking for suggestions on how to make the pageant more kid-friendly and modern. 


Help us bring the spirit of '76 to modern times in 2019. We are working hard on updating the script, inspired by the Broadway hit show, "Hamilton."



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Our history

Our annual Cornwall Independence Day celebration started at a Cornwall Parent Teacher Association meeting in the spring of 1950, when the first male PTA president, Dr. David L. Dorfman, called on his wife Dolce, who, at the urging of her mother, Carrie Ettlinger Stern, made a motion to start a Fourth of July celebration in town, to teach children and other residents about their inspiring heritage, partly in response to the McCarthy-Communism concerns of the day, partly for a fun day with parade and fireworks.  The first historic pageant was produced in 1952, with parade floats pulling up to the stage for different scenes at Mayor Donahue's Windon Farm in Cornwall-on-Hudson, with annual revisions up to the Bicentennial Celebration in 1976. When the location moved to Town Hall Park the following year, the pageant got lost in the shuffle, but was revived in 2000 after Sally Faith Dorfman Sirota found an old script compiled by her mother and called Ruthanne Schempf, whose mother Marjorie had the historically-accurate music that she and Dolce Dorfman had selected for each scene. Ruthanne and Sally Faith got things started again, and many, many others have helped to sustain this exciting living history lesson year after year, passing this great Cornwall tradition on from generation to generation.